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Ever since I was a child I have always been the fat kid who hated physical education, of course because of my stupid fatness. This weight problem of mine always stopped me to enjoy my early youth and always has been a massive headache in every area of my life. However that one day when I met my fantastic as well as incredible trainer Marcin I did not know that the day I met him was going to be the turning point of my life. He is very supportive and motivates me every day from my eating plan to shopping. Can you imagine a trainer who contacts you while you are at grocery shopping and explain you everything you need to buy. He did this every single week for me which I believe you can clearly see the results of our hard work but if you ask me if I could do it by myself without him, my answer would be a massive NO !!!. You can contact him any time during the day and he will always be there to help you in every area you are struggling. With his guy is not just a trainer. He is a person who can handle every challenge you need to achieve and give you your dream body ….. The one that you always dreamed of :)). Thank you very much Marcin and I appreciate everything you did for me.


London 2011

zaynab before

I have been training with Marcin for the past few months after finding I was not getting the results I wanted from the exercises I was doing on my own before.

This was solely down to my lack of knowledge in the best training methods and nutrition to get me where I wanted to be, and that’s where Marcin comes in.

His vast amount of knowledge and experience has been amazing. Not only does he care to make sure I work hard in my sessions with him, but he also provides me with workouts plans to keep my training consistent on the days I train on my own, as well as teaching me about nutrition and how it contributes towards my fitness regime. 

When designing my training schedule, he makes sure there is always a variety of exercises so that as I progress, the sessions are always challenging and he listens to what I enjoy or struggle with, making my plan unique and suited to me!

I have found the past few months training with Marcin to be extremely enjoyable. I’ve never found myself to be dreading a session with him, instead I feel motivated and ready to go! Marcin’s guidance has ensured that I shall keep considering my fitness and nutrition in the long-term so that I can lead a much more healthier lifestyle and continue to have a positive attitude towards exercise in the future. 


Southampton 2014

Hi my name is Matt Watson and I’m an international high jumper trying training for the Rio Olympics and I have been working with Marcin for my 2014/2015 campaigns. I have always thought my diet worked well for me until he showed me just how much I could gain from a nutritionist diet plan, personally written by himself. Marcin conducted a needs analysis for my lifestyle and training schedule and then wrote the diet plan from there. We worked together to try and map out why I was suffering so much in preseason training with fatigue and muscle soreness and came up with a way that would hopefully benefit me. Since September I have been following the plan and my results have been phenomenal. I have been able to train more, recover faster and even train at a higher intensity. My coaches and I are already seeing the benefits as I’ve already produced personal best scores that I wouldn’t usually achieve until December. And best of all I have felt great and a lot more alive in every day life, which inevitably has made me a lot happier. I would recommend Marcin’s knowledge around nutritional support to anyone that really wants to see results and positivity that works in perfect sync with their training. 


Southampton 2015


Since year 9, I had always been a chubby kid. Due to a lot of procrastination I was a kid that got intimidated when people mentioned my weight which I found hard to lose. This is because I never had a direction of how I was going to do it and what I would need to do in order to lose it. I managed to finish year 11 surviving through the talk around school. When I got to college, I found a gym there that seemed to me to be useful at times. It was time I decided to take proper action and this is when I met Marcin one day when I was walking around thinking I knew what I was doing. I spoke to him of what I wanted to achieve where my body is concerned and he created the best exercises for me. I tell you now that it wasn’t easy, but through my passion to have a better body that I had, I didn’t care of how hard it was. He pointed me to the right direction which is what I needed. Within 10 months I had an ideal body but I still strived for better results. I’m so happy to have met him, because without him, I wouldn’t gain the confidence to even start working towards the best body I have ever had in my life. Now I’m 18 and I have a body that every day I keep pushing to be the best it can be. 

Thanks Marcin


Southampton 2017

Erick Diaz 

I trained with Marcin for 16 sessions over the course of 3 months. I had been working out for almost 7 years but had started to plateau in my progress. I wanted a change in routine and some tips on how to workout effectively, and of course improve my strength and build some muscles in the process. Marcin definitely provided that. He put me on a program of both weight lifting and floor exercises, and over 3 months I improved the strength in my chest (more push ups, higher bench weights), and learned some new exercises that I could incorporate into my regular routine. I even had some friends comment on how fitter I looked !

He was always friendly and we had some nice chats between sets. I’d definitely recommend him. Good luck in Southampton Marcin. 

Erick, London

Before gm
After gym

I always tried to lose weight at home, which I gained by sitting in front of the TV all days for years, checking Youtube for some workout activities and trying diets to lose weight. It was making me feel uncomfortable around people and I felt ashamed of myself. I didn’t know what to do as all my attempts were ending with no results, until one day when I found out about the gym in my college. I went to ask about a possibility of working out there and what I found out was that not only I could train there but also I could get advices from Marcin about how to work out and to reach my goal. I started following his suggestions, following the workout plans, and within a couple of weeks I already started seeing the effects. I carried on listening to what Marcin was suggesting me and by a year, not only did I learned about how muscles work and how to exercise, but also I lost about 10kg. I achieved much better shape and decided on a few new goals such as getting a full six pack. The most important thing though was that I felt comfortable with myself. I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all that has happened without his help.


Southampton, 2017

I started training with Marcin some time ago to lose some fat around my middle section and generally tone up. Through Marcin’s expertise, I achieved more than this. With a combination of weight lifting, bodyweight exercises, cardio and HIT I went from being about 75kg and slightly flabby to losing more than 3kg and being significantly more toned. My overall strength has improved so that I was able to perform exercises I would never thought I could be capable of, and what were my max weights during my first weeks of training are now my warm-up weights. Marcin tailors each workout to you, so that you can achieve your objectives. His tips on nutrition are brilliant and he is always keen to adjust them according to your taste and achievements. Training with Marcin is fun and inspirational. Highly recommend.


Southampton, 2019

I trained with Marcin for more than a year and he has done exceptionally well knowing my demands and requirements. He is a trainer who makes you feel very comfortable and provide customized training plans according to our needs. He is very knowledgeable and shares a lot of tips and details with regards to fitness and nutrition. He assesses our whole body and fine tunes training plans accordingly. He is great in Exercise Correction and makes sure that we learn the right technique. 

He is highly supportive and motivating when it comes to Personal Coaching and ensures that we are able to achieve the desired outcome. He makes it a point to drive us towards our goals and his bespoke training plans are so effective to follow. He makes the whole training process very engaging and lots of learnings. He will make sure that we are never lost and keeps us on the right track. 

I lost a whopping 20kg when training with him and was able to complete a half marathon run from a stage where I barely move around 3000 steps a day. It has been a massive experience for me working with him and I would highly rate him and recommend him for anyone who needs the right training platform.